I help both commercial entities and charities
to achieve the greatest benefits from their
fundraising efforts. The right projects, doing
the right thing, in the right way.

My projects excite and challenge, and, in
turn, benefit you and your organization. I
believe that it’s the simple things that make
the big difference: positivity, respect,
honesty and logic (and in keeping with
the honesty – hard work).

Who am I
and how does that help you

In theory
Through my MSc in Business Administration
and Law at Copenhagen Business School I
have gained a thorough understanding of the
fundamentals of commercial organizations.

In practice
I have worked and volunteered for both
charitable and commercial entities gaining
experience through the development, im-
plementation, and administration of both
short- and long-term projects.

In spiration
14 years of living and learning in the UK, The
United Arab Emirates, The United States and
Thailand have inspired me to always em-
brace new opportunities and to recognize
that the ability to adapt is crucial to doing

Good Fundraising
— principles, purpose and practice

Win-Win: For all parties
Fundraising is all about creating opportu-nities that are mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Everyone should be left feeling a little better. Apart from in-depth knowledge of the parties and markets involved, mutually beneficial solutions require;

  • Matching charities and donors with similar values
  • Developing and supporting long-term partnerships
  • Aligning activities with existing CSR and fundraising strategies
  • Building and retaining value

Working Smart:
Fundraising is serious business

My job is to listen – really listen – to what is said and, just as importantly, what isn’t said. I identify your values and view your objective from all angles and provide you with a sustainable, financially viable solution. I do this through;

  • Questioning and challenging your current approach
  • Conducting market research
  • Identifying new perspectives and opportunities
  • Delivering fundraising strategies and solutions

Knowledge is Key: A little
knowledge goes a long way

A lot of knowledge goes even further.
Fundraising is just as competitive as any other business. Perhaps even more. In order to develop beneficial projects and strategies, it is important to know exactly what you are selling and to whom.
So I;

  • Identify your market and how to meet their needs
  • Get to know the competition and how to stay innovative
  • Identify and seek to understand donor motivation
  • Ensure viability and results

Passionate about the Cause:
There is a difference to be made

When it comes down to it, fundraising is making the raised funds work as hard as possible for making a difference. Passion to work for this cause and the belief that it will make a difference are the basic drivers. My passion is working to make fundraising a delightful, positive experience, and working with causes and people I believe in. So I:

  • work with you to optimize your impact
  • ensure internal streamlining
  • help focus resources on principal cause
  • make sure your passions are clear

Compliance — with any scale,
process & discipline

My belief that good fundraising principles and practice are applicable to any project or part thereof, without prejudice, has given me the opportunity to work on/deliver a wide range of interesting projects.

Examples are; developing and running a new fundraising concept for existing client; extending flexible administrative support for larger charity’s existing fundraising efforts; in close collaboration with new leadership to modernize strategy and rebrand charity; define and adapt application for funding for new anti-bullying approach to potential donors; collaborating with artist to develop international fundraising strategy; improving access and bringing donor and user-friendliness to funding application process.


  • Børneulykkesfonden
  • Artrebels
  • Trailerparksfestival
  • Dansk Kvindesamfund
  • Jennifer Simon
  • Forlaget Billesø & Baltzer
  • Ehlers-Danlos Foreningen i Danmark
  • Byens Helte
  • Amalies Verden

Get in contact

Mette Christiansen
Snerlevej 32
2820 Gentofte
Mobile 31 42 30 45
CVR no. 33 12 15 47